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This article has been written by the Smarter Business™ Staff Writers

Smarter Staff
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This article has been written by the Smarter Business™ Staff Writers

Phones and broadband are the connective tissue of commerce, and the DOT (Digital Office Technology)™ solution from Telstra gets fixed lines, mobiles and broadband working in harmony, on one bill.

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Digital Consolidation

For instance, you can make all your phones, including your mobiles, ring simultaneously or in a sequence so you miss fewer calls. And you can add a Virtual Receptionist which automatically answers and directs incoming calls with a customised greeting, making it easier for callers to reach the right person the first time. 

If you absolutely can’t take a phone call, then DOT has the capacity to email the voicemail to your inbox with ‘voice2email’. 

If broadband is crucial for your business, DOT has an option that uses Telstra’s mobile broadband network as a back-up in the rare instance that your fixed line broadband fails. DOT is also ready for the National Broadband Network (NBN) when it arrives in your area and is backed by 24-hour support from Telstra, so you only need to contact one provider for help.

How DOT Simplifies Your Life

Kevin Udell, executive director of Telstra Business and Performance, says the DOT solution from Telstra can relieve some of those everyday headaches of running a business, and helps free up your time so you can concentrate on more important things.

  1. One point of contact for support, 24/7: “One of the great advantages of choosing Telstra’s DOT — the  all-in-one communication package — is that you don’t have to spend time wrestling with different customer support services if you have a problem,” says Udell. “With DOT there is only one number to call for all your services — internet, landlines or mobile — and you get business support around the clock.”
  2. One bill: Choosing DOT also means that you have just the one bill for your business’s landline and mobiles and internet, rather than juggling multiple accounts, Udell explains. “A lot of small businesses struggle when it comes to understanding the various allowances attached to their service plans. If you have multiple accounts it’s harder to manage the risk of overshooting a call or data allowance. With DOT there’s only one bill to manage, which makes everything much more predictable and manageable.”
  3. Australia’s most reliable mobile network: A good mobile service is essential if you want to contact customers and colleagues while you’re on the road. “DOT gives you access to the Telstra Mobile Network, which is Australia’s largest mobile network and offers faster speeds in more places. We’re investing heavily to ensure we maintain our lead in deploying 4G services,” says Udell. DOT also offers a broadband back-up option that switches your internet service to the Telstra Mobile Network if some sort of calamity knocks out your ADSL.
  4. NBN-ready: Businesses needn’t expect any interruptions when the NBN is rolled out in their area, Udell says. “We can assure businesses that DOT is NBN-ready so there won’t be any surprise need to switch products for the foreseeable future.”

DOT at Work in the Real World

DOT users explain some of the everyday advantages for their businesses.

Easily direct calls to the right person

Sugar & Spice is a rapidly growing bridal retailer with two stores in Brisbane and distribution spanning Australia and New Zealand. Director Garth Pitman says DOT’s interactive voice response and call waiting has delivered huge productivity benefits. “Now, we can easily direct call-flow where it needs to go without being slaves to confusing old technology. It’s replaced numerous systems across multiple sites, meaning our team only needs to learn one system that they can use effectively, regardless of what store they’re in.”

Miss fewer calls from your customers

Ian van der Wolde, owner of Altered Images Photography in Melbourne, has to juggle the pressures of running a photographic studio on his own. But DOT’s simultaneous ring on both his landline and mobile means he can take customer calls whether he’s in his studio or out on a photo shoot. “It may not sound like much but the number of times I would forget to divert my phone [to my mobile] wasn’t funny,” he admits. “It’s really important that clients can find you and there is nothing worse than an answering service.”

Cut your phone bill by using voice2email

Van der Wolde says that collecting voicemails when he was overseas was an expensive proposition before he got DOT, as he used to have to dial long distance to hear the messages. Now he simply sets DOT to send audio files of voicemails to his email when he’s travelling, so when he connects to a local Wi-Fi he can access customer messages from his inbox.
“I know that if I go away I can set it up to send my voicemail messages straight to my email, so that if I’m overseas I’m not going to be running up huge bills collecting them,” he explains.

Connect with mobile broadband on the go

Ensitech’s TIG Brush is a more environmentally friendly way to clean welds on stainless steel, and the Sydney company has a fast expanding customer base in Australia and overseas. Ensitech’s quality assurance and logistics officer, Richard Bennett, says the mobile broadband add-on for DOT has hugely improved the way the business communicates with its customers. “Before we had DOT we were fully reliant on fax, and getting information back from customers on faxes could take hours, or days, weeks even. We frequently have people working off site – they all have smartphones now and being able to get fast reliable email has hugely improved us being in touch with our customers,” he says.

Choose Your DOT Package

Kevin Udell, executive director of Telstra Business and Performance, explains how you can get DOT on board in your business.

  1. Choose a Core Plan
    “Our DOT package includes a phone line and broadband connection. You simply choose a data allowance/call plan to suit your needs. If you’re going to use a lot of data for large files, such as video, you should go for a plan with a larger allowance.”
  2. Need More Phone Lines?
    “Will your team need extra numbers so customers can call them direct? By adding more phone lines you can also take advantage of smart call management features so you miss fewer calls from your clients.”
  3. Need Mobiles?
    “You’ll want to add mobiles to your DOT package if your workers need to be contactable away from the office. You can’t afford to be out of touch with clients, and mobile plans for your team will save you the hassle of dealing with multiple bills and providers.”
  4. Need Internet on the Go?
    “If you need to regularly use your laptop or tablet when you’re out and about, it’s worth adding a mobile broadband connection. Any data you haven’t used each month can be used by mobiles on your DOT account.”
  5. Add Extras
    “DOT offers a range of extras for businesses that need features such as enhanced call management, dedicated lines for fax machines and EFTPOS,” explains Udell. “You can also choose our mobile broadband back-up if you need an extra-reliable internet service — you’ll be able to connect to the internet via a mobile broadband connection if your fixed line ever goes down.”
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