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Gadget gift guide for entrepreneurs on the go

Sylvia Pennington
Business Journalist

Sylvia Pennington writes regularly on business and technology for the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age

Sylvia Pennington
Business Journalist

Sylvia Pennington writes regularly on business and technology for the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age

Here are 10 high-tech suggestions for the business go-getter you thought had everything already.

Smartphone? Check. Tablet? Check. Wristwatch that can time a soft boiled egg and tell you the price of eggs in China simultaneously? Check!

Have you been wracking your brains for quirky, clever or useful gift ideas for the go-getter in your team or favourite high-flying client? Sick of seeing faces fall when entrepreneurial friends or loved ones unwrap your latest offering? Want to find something to stuff in their stocking that will make them light up like a Christmas tree?

Whether you’re buying for a colleague, customer, friend - or yourself - be inspired by 10 smart gadgets that will suit upwardly mobile entrepreneurs to a tee. 

Toy cars with christmas decorations and presents on their roof

1. Power up

Is your go-getter a road warrior whose travels take them off the beaten track – and far from the nearest power point? Battery life for power-guzzling devices is never long enough, so help them get more juice for their journey with the Mophie PowerStation Pro. A dust proof, water resistant work horse which sells for RRP $109.95 at the Apple store, it will keep their smart phone, tablet or USB device going for days.

2. Presentation perfect

Enabling sales pros to create a huge screen display from a tiny device, a pocket projector is perfect for entrepreneurial types to pop in the laptop bag and pull out when there’s an impromptu occasion for them to present their business. The Optoma Pico PK320 runs on battery or AC and is popular buying in the sub-$500 bracket while those with a little more cash to splash may consider the Optoma ML550 at upwards of $1000. 

3. Money in their pocket

If there’s one thing small businesses hate it’s having to chase customers up for cash. That’s why PayPal Here is the perfect gift – it lets you collect money on the spot once the job’s been completed, no matter how people want to pay. Capable of processing credit and debit cards as well as PayPal payments, it sells for RRP $139. 

4. Straighten up

Does your hard working friend or family member spend their fair share of time hunched over a desk, peering at the screen? Give them a gentle nudge to improve their posture with Lumo Lift. This nifty little gadget links to a smart phone app which tracks posture, activity and calories burned. Set it to ‘Coach’ mode and they’ll receive a vibration every time they slouch. Comes in black or white and costs RRP $US99, available online only. 

5. Smart security

How can business owners keep an eye on the office when they can’t be there 24/7? Easy peasy with iSmartAlarm, a motion detector, barometer, camera, microphone and siren, all rolled into one elegant wireless security device. Ideal for keeping track of things in the home or small business premises, it can be programmed to send notifications and video footage of unexpected events to a smart phone. Buy it online only, from $US199

6. Carry all

Have they got more than enough devices and gadgets in their arsenal already? Then they’re bound to need a hand organising them and packing them away. Billed as a gadget’s best friend, the Cocoon Grid-It patented range of bags and organiser bundles can be used to sort and stash chargers, cords, headphones and gadgets in an almost endless array of configurations. Tablet cases are priced at RRP$59.95 and messenger bags at RRP $79.95.

7. Go paperless

Do they misplace documents and despise filing? Should 2015 be the year the small businessperson on your Christmas list finally bites the bullet and goes paperless? Encourage them along with ScanSnap iX500, an instant PDF document scanner from Fujitsu, which retails from $519.

8. A breathalyser in their pocket

‘Tis the season for making merry, whether with clients, friends, or at the annual office bash, but before they get behind the wheel afterwards it makes sense to check they’re safe to do so, courtesy of this handy device. The Original Breathometer is a smart phone attachment which estimates blood alcohol concentration, available online for RRP $US49.99.

9. Hottest spot

Do they like to hold outdoor meetings or log in over a latte at the local coffee spot? Make it easy for them to get on with the job from anywhere with the Telstra Mobile Wi-Fi 4G Advanced II mobile broadband device. Compatible with PC and Mac, it enables the owner to share their connection with up to 10 other users, when they decamp offsite for meetings. It has 10 hours of active battery life.

10. Over here, dear

Go-getters are busy juggling a dozen things at once so it’s no wonder they’ve lost their keys and phone. Again. Help your multitasking executive out with Tile, a miniature waterproof device which can be attached to easy-to-misplace possessions and detected using the Tile iPhone app. Each Tile lasts a year and sells for RRP $US19.95. Available online only. 

Gift the receipt

No, you don’t want your gift recipient to know how much you spent on them (or maybe you do!), but they’ll probably enjoy handing over the receipt to the taxman as an end of financial year present.

If you’re comfortable leaving the receipt or invoice with them, do so, perhaps after the gift giving frenzy is over. That is, if you’re not intending on claiming the deduction yourself.

If sharing the receipt is not an option, hang on to it anyway – it may come in handy for warranty and insurance claims.

*iPhone not included

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