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About Smarter Business™

Your business is your everything. It’s your purpose, your legacy, your driving force. It’s what gets you up in the morning and what keeps you up at night.

Believe us, we get it. That’s why Smarter Business™ is here with the insight, inspiration and ideas you need to help you do what you do best – run your business.

We’ve brought together a team of business and technology journalists, editors and influencers to help Australia’s community of small and medium businesses access the technology and know-how that helps solve problems, create opportunities and support you to thrive today and into the future.

It’s all about keeping up with today’s constantly shifting tech so you can work smarter, get ahead of the competition, grow your business and, most importantly, keep your customers happy.

Presenting practical tips and expert opinions, tech reviews and the inspirational stories of people who’ve done it, Smarter Business™ is dedicated to bringing you well-researched, high-quality information that digs deeper, looks further and works harder – so your business can too.

Brought to you by Telstra.

Our Featured Authors

Alexandra Cain
Business Journalist

Alexandra Cain writes regularly for the small business sections of The Age, Sydney Morning Herald and Australian Financial Review

Allison Tait
Smarter Writer

Allison Tait is a freelance writer, blogger and author

Andrew Barnes
Smarter Writer

Andrew is President of ALPMA and Financial Controller of the Lantern Legal Group

Andrew Colley
Smarter Writer

Andrew Colley has written about technology, business and media for over a decade - nine years on a national newspaper

Andrew Penn
CEO - Telstra

Andrew Penn is the Chief Executive Officer of Telstra. With a senior executive career spanning more than 30 years, Penn became Telstra’s CEO in 2015 after serving as Chief Financial Officer and Group Executive International.

Andy Sheats
Smarter Writer

Andy Sheats is passionate about online platforms and how they change the way organisations build customer relationships

Angela Allan
Technology Journalist

Angela Allan is a music and lifestyle journalist with a special interest in technology and startup culture. Angela writes for Rolling Stone and the Star Weekly

Anna Horan
Culture Journalist

Anna Horan is writer and editor based in Melbourne. She has written for Broadsheet, The Big Issue and Junkee Media, and is the former editor of TheVine.

Anna Spargo-Ryan
Digital Strategist & Award Winning Writer

Anna Spargo-Ryan is a Melbourne digital strategist and award-winning writer.

Anne Da Cunha
Small Business Executive

Anne Da Cunha is the Small Business Executive for Telstra. She is passionate about the Success of Australian Businesses and in developing ways that Telstra can partner with them, to ensure they get all the business and technology solutions they need to thrive and be the innovators of Australia.

Anneli Knight
Smarter Writer

Anneli Knight is a journalist, writer and academic with a background in law and finance. She lives in Byron Bay

Annette Kaitinis
Co-founder and Director – Scoot Boots

Annette Kaitinis is the co-founder and director of Scoot Boots, a Tasmanian company producing innovative removable horse boots that replace traditional iron shoes. Annette has a background as a practicing lawyer and barrister. Her strategic insight, honed from experience in the legal field, has brought business success with Scoot Boots. In 2018, Scoot Boots won the 2018 Telstra Australian Emerging and Energised Award. In October 2018, Scoot Boots won the Tasmanian E-commerce Export Award.

Anthony Caruana
Smarter Writer

Anthony Caruana is an experienced writer and small business owner who is passionate about working smarter

Barbara Warren
Smarter Writer

Barbara has worked with the Telstra Business Awards as the speech coach for nine years.

Ben Angel

Ben Angel is an author of three bestselling business and personal development books. He specialises in helping small business, entrepreneurs and companies become more appealing to the media and their customers

Ben Birchall
Industry Expert

Ben Birchall is a writer, broadcaster and content specialist

Ben Keenan
Industry Expert

Ben Keenan is an integrated copywriter and creative director. He can be found talking, writing and teaching at

Ben Yi
Industry Expert

Ben Yi is the Business Development Manager at muru-D, the startup accelerator backed by Telstra. Ben is known as a Pricing and analytics Expert

Benedict Brook
Smarter Writer

Benedict Brook is a journalist and communications consultant with two decades' experience working in Australia and the UK

Betsan Jones
Technology Journalist

Betsan Jones is a freelance lifestyle and tech journalist with experience across a number of international publications

Bill Lang
Executive Director of Small Business Australia

Bill Lang is the Executive Director of Small Business Australia. He is a business educator, coach and advisor. He has co-founded several technology, training and marketing services businesses that operate globally.

Branko Miletic
Technology Journalist

Branko Miletic is a journalist with 15 years experience specialising in IT and general business issues

Brendan Donohoe
Smarter Writer

Brendan Donohoe is a seasoned ICT executive with a career spanning 25 years in the industry. He is Executive Director of Solution Sales, Telstra Business

Cameron Cooper
Business Journalist

Cameron Cooper is an experienced business journalist from Brisbane, Australia, and chief writer for Coopermedia.

Carey Swan
Smarter Writer

Carey Swan is a writer and sub-editor with an interest in popular culture and stories people tell. Her industry experience spans more than 25 years

Carl Naessens
Smarter Writer

Carl Naessens is Digital Lead, Managed Business at Telstra Australia. He began life in sales and product management with Fuji Film APac and after six years in a national role, had a greater calling: marketing

Carl Spurling
Smarter Writer

Carl Spurling is the CEO of Proquo, a start-up joint venture between NAB and Telstra.

Carolina Arcos
Industry Expert

Carolina Valdes Arcos is a digital enthusiast that enjoys helping businesses achieve their online presence goals

Claire Connelly
Business and Finance Journalist

Claire Connelly is an award-winning freelance journalist. She writes for publications including the AFR, The Age, ABC, SBS and Junkee.

Daniella Doughan
Business and Finance Journalist

Daniella Doughan is a business and finance journalist from Sydney, Australia.

Danny Corvini
Smarter Writer

Danny Corvini is a contributor to Smarter Business™ and he brings a focus on property and culture

Darren Pauli
Smarter Writer

Darren is an information security reporter with more than a decade's experience in the beat. He came to Telstra's cyber security unit after serving as an infosec correspondent for various tech-focused publications

David Binning
Smarter Writer

David Binning is a media advisor and journalist with more than 20 years’ experience covering the digital and innovation sectors in Australia and throughout the world.

David Wilson
Smarter Writer

David is a business and tech specialist whose experience in journalism spans two decades. His stories have run everywhere from the South China Morning Post to Slate and the New York Times. In his spare time, he does charity work and weight training and hangs out with domestic cats.

Deborah Tarrant
Business Journalist

Deborah Tarrant is a Sydney-based business writer who specialises in the nexus where people meet business

Diane Bosdorf
Education Journalist

Diane Bosdorf has worked as an editor in education with the Victorian State Government and in the VET sector

Drew Hendricks
Smarter Writer

Drew Hendricks covers technology and entrepreneur motivation for and Inc. Magazine

Drew Turney
Technology Journalist

Drew Turney writes about technology, science, film, books, pop culture and the crossroads between any or all of them

Effie Zahos
Smarter Writer

Effie Zahos is editor of Money magazine and has over 22 years' experience in the finance industry.

Ella Mumby
Technology Journalist

Ella Mumby is a digital, social and lifestyle writer

Elysia Raphael
Industry Expert

Elysia Raphael is a Melbourne-based social media marketer, who thinks in hashtags and sees the world clearly through Instagram's many filters

Emily Brayshaw
Smarter Writer

Emily Brayshaw was a tech journo for 9 years before working at a big four consulting firm. She's been with SMARTER since 2009.

Ennis Cehic
Industry Expert

Ennis Cehic is a writer and creative interested in branding, culture and the digital impact on society

Fiona Heseltine
Smarter Writer

Fiona leads a portfolio career in building brands and high-performing teams. At Happiness Concierge, she specialises in personal brand, building confidence and overcoming imposter syndrome.

George Groves
Technology Journalist

George Groves is a writer interested in all forms of technology, creativity and digital trends

Glen Carlson

Glen Carlson is an award winning entrepreneur, speaker and co-founder of Key Person of Influence, Australia's ninth fastest growing company in 2014

Hannah Jones

Hannah Jones is a writer interested in lifestyle and business trends

Harley Dale
Industry Expert

Dr. Harley Dale is a career economist with 25 years experience spanning teaching, consultancy and banking

Harry Lowes
Smarter Writer

Harry Lowes is the general manager of digital marketing at Telstra Business

Iain Ferguson
Business and Technology Journalist

Iain is a freelance writer and editor with extensive experience in journalism and corporate communications.

Jaime McIlwraith
Smarter Writer

Jamie McIlwraith is a gardening-mad, motorcycle-riding writer and blogger with an interest in small business

James Adonis
Smarter Writer

James Adonis is a columnist for The Age and has written three books on business leadership. He is the co-founder of Team Leaders, a company dedicated to developing the best front-line managers

James Greaney
Industry Expert

James Greaney is a planning and analytics specialist working in the advertising industry.

Jason Cunningham

Jason Cunningham is a finance whiz, speaker and media personality that can be heard on SEN1116 and The Living Room on Channel 10

Jeff Haden
Business Journalist

Jeff Haden is a bestselling ghostwriter, speaker, Inc. Magazine contributing editor, and LinkedIn Influencer

Jenna Hanson
Business and Technology Journalist

Jenna Hanson covers business news and technology for Smarter Business™

Jenneth Orantia
Smarter Writer

Jenneth Orantia is a journalist who has been reporting on tech developments and trends for the last decade

Jessica Rowe
Culture Journalist

Jessica Rowe is a Melbourne-based writer with a passion for not-for-profits, the digital world and making a difference

Jillian Lewis
Smarter Writer

Jillian Lewis is a writer and editor living in Sydney, Australia.

John Ball
Country Manager of Google Customer Solutions AUNZ

John Ball is Country Manager of Google Customer Solutions AUNZ, with over 30 years of experience in information technology and online digital marketing.

John Dee
Smarter Writer

Jon Dee is founder of PlanetArk and DoSomething and author of 'EnergyCut'

Jonathan Crossfield
Business and Technology Journalist

Jonathan is an award-winning journalist, blogger, writer and editor, locked in a daily fight for the keyboard with two very impatient cats.

Julie Mathers
Smarter Writer

Julie Mathers is the founder of Flora & Fauna, an online store specialising in vegan and eco-friendly products and 2018 Telstra New South Wales Small and Succeeding Business Award winner. With over 25 years’ experience in retail, Julie took her expertise and passion into her own business. As an entrepreneur looking for the next big thing, and with a passion for the environment, Julie saw how things could be done differently. The result is Flora & Fauna.

Kate Hennessy
Smarter Writer

Kate Hennessy is a freelance journalist who has been writing about technology, small business, sustainability and corporate social responsibility for over a decade

Kate Save

Kate Save is the CEO and Co-Founder of Be Fit Food, a weight loss program that helps people reset their metabolism for long-term health. Be Fit Food won 2018 Victorian Business of the Year and the Small & Succeeding Award.

Katie McMurray
Smarter Writer

Katie McMurray is a content editor for Smarter Business™

Kevin Dolan
Technology Journalist

Kevin Dolan is a writer who specialises in technology, advertising and communications

Krishan Sharma
Technology Journalist

Krishan Sharma is a freelance journalist who writes for various consumer tech and business IT publications

Lachlan Colquhoun
Technology Journalist

Lachlan Colquhoun has had a 30 year career in the media, working for some of the world's best known mastheads both in Australia and overseas

Leanne Clancey
Food Journalist

Leanne Clancey is a freelance food and travel writer based in Melbourne. She contributes regularly to a range of publications including Fairfax Good Food, Broadsheet Media and SBS Feast magazine

Leda Nissan
Smarter Writer

Leda Nissan is a news writer with a lifestyle and small business focus

Leon Gettler
Business Journalist

Leon Gettler is an independent journalist, author and public speaker

Lisa Messenger

Lisa Messenger is the CEO of The Messenger Group and founder and editor-in-chief of The Collective. She has authored and co-authored over a dozen books and become an authority in the start-up scene

Luke Hopewell
Senior Specialist Writer - Telstra

Luke Hopewell is an editor, tech expert and Senior Specialist Writer at Telstra Exchange.

Lynda Dugdale
Smarter Writer

Lynda Dugdale is deputy editor of INTHEBLACK and has over two decades of journalism experience

Mark Chipperfield
Smarter Writer

Mark Chipperfield has been a journalist for 30 years, writing about everything from business to craft beer and travel

Matt Holden
Smarter Writer

Matt Holden is the editor of The Age Good Cafe Guide

Matt Rose

Matt Rose is a creative technologist and Co-Founder of Sipple, the app that lets you savour every drop of wine.

Matthew Wilson
Co-founder – Penten

Matthew Wilson is a cyber security specialist and co-founder of Penten. The Canberra company has grown to become a cyber security stalwart, winning the 2018 Telstra Australian Business of the Year and the 2018 Telstra Australian Medium & Making Waves Award.

Michael Baker
Smarter Writer

Michael Baker is a retail consultant and vice-chair of the ICSC's Asia-Pacific Research Council

Michelle Legge
Business Journalist

Michelle Legge is the Smarter Business™ Digital Editor. She's the former editor of by Qantas and contributes regularly to small business, social media and lifestyle publications

Michelle McQuaid
Smarter Writer

Michelle McQuaid is a business productivity coach and author. She contributes regularly to The Huffington Post and Psychology Today

Mike Doman
Technology Journalist

Mike Doman is a technology, lifestyle, industrial and education writer

Morris Kaplan
Smarter Writer

Morris Kaplan is a former finance and venture capitalist who writes for entrepreneurs and professional services firms

Naomi Simson
Smarter Writer

Naomi Simson is a successful, businessperson, blogger, entrepreneur and founder of RedBalloon.

Nathanael Peacock
Technology Journalist

Nathanael Peacock is a tech, digital and entertainment writer

Nick Bolton
Smarter Writer

Nick Bolton is a strategist, producer and director, producing corporate and online video, film and theatre

Nina Hendy
Smarter Writer

Nina Hendy is an Australian business journalist writing about marketing, entrepreneurs, startups, money and finance

Nina Terrey
Smarter Writer

Nina Terrey is global partner at ThinkPlace, a global strategic design consultancy specialising in designing for the public good and thrives on work that tackles complex problems.

Paul Liascos
Managing Director (APAC) of Spotzer

Paul Liascos is the Managing Director (APAC) of Spotzer, a leading global company that provides digital marketing services to businesses of all sizes.

Paul Tyler
Smarter Writer

Paul Tyler was appointed as the Group Managing Director of Telstra Business in December 2016. An engineer by training, Paul has degrees from the University of New South Wales and an MBA from University College Dublin.

Penny Locaso

Penny Locaso has brought her passion for profit with purpose and wellbeing to the fore and founded BKindred

Rima Edwards
Smarter Writer

Rima Edwards spent 15 years working as television editor for networks in Australia and overseas, before making a sea change to the South Coast of NSW. She now produces documentaries and branded video

Ross Greenwood
Smarter Writer

Ross Greenwood is the Nine Network's business and finance editor and hosts Money News on 2GB

Rowan Dean
Smarter Writer

Rowan Dean is an award-winning creative director, social media commentator and advertising guru

Ryan Bonnici
Industry Expert

Ryan Bonnici is the Marketing Director (APAC) for HubSpot

Sara Howard
Smarter Writer

As a business owner and writer, Sara Howard has first-hand experience in marketing, cash flow management and technology

Sholto Macpherson
Smarter Writer

Sholto Macpherson builds business models and tech stacks for cloud accounting practices on

Simon Sharwood
Technology Journalist

Simon Sharwood has written about technology since the early 1980s and still isn't bored

Siobhan Coleman
Finance Journalist

Siobhan Coleman is a financial, marketing and lifestyle writer

Smarter For or Against
Smarter Writer

Every month, Smarter brings you two different sides of a topical business issue. Our selected writers go head-to-head in our debate so you can decide for yourself who comes out on top .

Smarter Staff
Smarter Writer

This article has been written by the Smarter Business™ Staff Writers

Smarter Writer
Smarter Team

A team of business and technology journalists and editors who write to help Australia’s community of small and medium businesses access the technology and know-how that helps solve problems and create opportunities.

Steve Lopez
Culture Journalist

Steve Lopez is an experienced writer in culture, social issues and fashion

Stuart Ridley
Business and Technology Journalist

Stuart Ridley is the Smarter Business™ Print Editor and has covered trends in small business, tech and marketing for two decades

Sue Williams
Smarter Writer

Sue Williams is a journalist and best-selling author who has been writing on business trends and techniques for the past 20 years

Sylvia Pennington
Business Journalist

Sylvia Pennington writes regularly on business and technology for the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age

Teena Wooldridge
Smarter Writer

Teena Wooldridge is the general manager of business CRM at Telstra.

Telstra Exchange
Telstra Exchange Writer

Telstra Exchange is home for the latest technology news from Telstra, as well as advice, announcements, and stories from our people and partners.

Tiffany Loh
Smarter Writer

Tiffany Loh is the Smarter Business™ & News and Digital Editor, with varied writing experience always looking for a unique story

Tim Dawson
Industry Expert

Tim Dawson is an Experience Design Lead who has worked on strategic projects for major Australian and international brands

Tim Otton
Smarter Writer

Tim Otton is Telstra's General Manager of Cloud Strategy and Platforms, he is an expert in cloud, communications and analtics

Tina Wild
Smarter Writer

Tina Wild is a freelance writer specialising in health, personal development, small business marketing and not for profit projects

Tomer Garzberg

Tomer Garzberg is the Managing Director of and Growth Hacker at, with over 12 years content and digital marketing experience

Tommy McCubbin
Industry Expert

Tommy McCubbin is an advertising veteran, creative director and creator of

Tony Chilvers
Industry Expert

Tony Chilvers is a marketing and communications specialist with experience in multiple industries in South Africa and Australia

Michael Ackland
Group Executive Consumer & Small Business

Michael is responsible for all of Telstra’s Consumer & Small Business sales and service channels. He joined Telstra in 2016 as Executive Director of Telstra Country Wide, with responsibility for over 350 retail stores and over 16,000 partners nationally.

Valerie Khoo
Smarter Writer

Valerie Khoo is a journalist, keynote speaker and author of 'Power Stories'. A mentor to business owners and startups, she is also national director of the Australian Writers' Centre

Yvette Chegwidden
Smarter Writer

Yvette is a Content marketing specialist based in Sydney.

Zilla Efrat
Business Journalist

Zilla Efrat is a freelance journalist who has spent the past 25 years writing on all facets of business and finance for print and online publications, and has been editor of Company Director, AB+F and Super Review

Zoe Efron

Zoe Efron is a writer and designer who specialises in youth media and interactive marketing